The Reef Night Club

Dress Code

Dress Code

  • No Back Packs, Bags, or Purses. (Clutch Size Ok)
  • No Baggy , Oversized Clothing Or Jewelry.
  • No Bandanas, Skullcaps, Jerseys, Sweat Pants, Tracks Pants or Swim Suits.
  • Hats Must Remain Straight Forward Or Backwards At All Times.
  • All Coats Must Be Checked In At Coat Check At Main Entrance.
  • No Sunglasses.

Rules & Regulations

  • Everyone Must have a good time.
  • Dance at your own risk.
  • Fighting and other malicious behavior is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate removal from the premises.
  • No smoking inside the bar area, we have an outside bar area where smoking is allowed.
  • Profanity is strictly prohibited and just plain rude. 
  • When last call is announced you have 15 minutes left before we close and you must leave the premises.
  • All guests will keep their hands, feet, and other body parts to themselves. Not doing so will result in immediate removal from the premises.
  • All food & beverages not purchased at the reef night club are prohibited.
  • All food & beverages purchased at the reef night club are not allowed to leave the premises.
  • It is illegal, dangerous, and irresponsible to drink and drive. Please think before you drink and call safe-ride, taxi or your resort shuttle to get home safely. 
  • Purses, handbags, and clutches will be inspected at the door.
  • Concealed weapons are strictly prohibited in the facility and the parking lot.
  • No video recording
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • All guests of the reef night club will drink responsibly and adhere to the dress code and rules & regulations or risk being ejected and face blacklisting on future visits.
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